Car & Vehicle Servicing

Car & Van Servicing With Peace of Mind


At Sowerby Bridge Independent Auto Services, we keep our servicing options simple and transparent.

We offer two levels of servicing for your car or vehicle, our STANDARD SERVICE* and FULL SERVICE* options. Both options ensure that your vehicle is rigorously checked and that your service book is stamped as proof of your care and vehicle maintenance.

What checks are included in our car or vehicle service options?

We don't just change your oil, at Sowerby Bridge Independent Autos each car or van is comprehensively checked for signs of wear, tear, damage and leaks. Our car and van servicing includes the following:


Car & Vehicle Service Brake Checks

- Inspect brake pads.

- Check brake calipers, brake shoes, brake discs & drums.

- Inspect handbrake hydraulics, pipes and hoses.

- Check handbrake linkages

- Test brake fluid levels and top up/bleed brakes where required

Car & Vehicle Service Engine Checks

- Engine oil change included. 

- Replacement oil filter included.

- Replace sump plug seal.

- Check car or vehicle for engine oil leaks.

- Assess timing belt replacement interval for car or vehicle.

- Check car or van radiator and radiator cap seal.

- Inspect coolant hoses for leaks and signs of ageing and wear.

- Check electric cooling fan.

- Check condition of vehicle alternator, fan and start motor.

- Check spark plugs.

- Check and top up vehicle antifreeze levels.

- Check car or vehicle undertray. 

- Check car or van bonnet catch operation.

- Replacement air/pollen filter included (Full Service Option Only). 

- Replace vehicle spark plugs included (Full Service Option Only).


Car or Vehicle Service Wheel & Tyre Checks

- Remove all 4 wheels and inspect (including spare tyre).

- Examine car wheels and trims for any visual damage.

- Inspect condition of car or van tyres.

- Check car or vehicle tyre tread and pressure levels.

- Inspect & correct wheel balancing. 

- Tighten car / vehicle wheel nut torque to correct settings.

Car & Vehicle Service Visibility Checks

- Inspect windscreen for chips and cracks.

- Check front & rear windscreen wipers. 

- Inspect windscreen wiper operation.

- Windscreen washer jet alignment.

- Top up windscreen washer fluids.

Car & Vehicle Service Electrical Checks

- Check instruments, gauges and warning lights.

- Check engine diagnostic codes.

- Check car headlights and indicators.

- Comprehensive car battery check. 

- Check diesel heater plug operation (if fitted)

- Check car or vehicle horn

- Top up battery (if non sealed car battery fitted)

- Check car or van battery HT leads 

- Reset car or van service dashboard light after service.

Car & Vehicle Service Exterior Checks

- Check for car or vehicle for body damage or degradation.

- Inspect exterior car mirrors.

- Check doors, boot and fuel cap.

- Look at condition of car number plate. 

Car & Vehicle Service Internal Checks

- Dashboard warning lights.

- Check front and rear car or vehicle seat belts.

- Assess operation of all car or vehicle external door locks.

- Lubricate door hinges if required.

- Check air conditioning system.

- Check interior mirrors.

Car & Vehicle Service Steering and Suspension Checks

- Check & top up power steering fluids.

- Check steering, suspension and ball joints for damage, wear and condition.

- Check wheel bearing, shock absorbers and springs.

- Grease steering and suspension if needed.

Car & Vehicle Service Exhaust Checks

- Check vehicle exhaust system and mountings for leaks, movement and noise levels.

- Exhaust smoke visual check.

Car & Vehicle Service Fuel Checks

- Check car or vehicle fuel pipes for damage, corrosion or wear.

- Check fuel filter

- Replacement fuel filter included (Full Service Option Only)

Car & Vehicle Service Clutch & Gearbox Checks

- Check car & vehicle clutch operation.

- Check vehicle gearbox operation.

- Top up car or van clutch fluids.

- Check drive shaft joints and gaiters for damage, wear and leaks.

- Top up axle/transaxle oil.

- Top up gearbox fluid if not a sealed unit.

What happens if we find problems?

If our service checks identify any additional work or parts which fall outside the cost of your car or vehicle service, we will contact you prior to carrying out this additional work with an indicative cost.

* Cost of service or additional costs may apply dependent upon on the manufacturer & model of vehicle. Contact us for full upfront details.

Book your Vehicle Service Today!

To book your car or van service, just call us on 01422 833399.

Need a Courtesy Car?

Don’t forget, Sowerby Bridge Independent Autos also have a fleet of courtesy cars (subject to availability). so please mention if this is of interest when you book your vehicle for a service.

Looking for Hybrid Car Service Specialist?

At Sowerby Bridge Independent Autos, we have invested heavily in the training and technology needed to service the modern hybrid vehicle.

Our specialist hybrid car and vehicle service also includes:

- Diagnostic health check reporting

- Charging port and cable inspection

- Visual checks of high voltage cables & connections.

- Invertor coolant reporting.

- Brake binding checks.

Call us today to book your hybrid vehicle service on 01422 833399.

Do you own or manage a fleet of car or vans? 

At Sowerby Bridge Independent Autos, we understand the importance & cost of keeping your fleet on the road and have the size and capacity to minimise your vehicle downtime.

We offer discounted servicing rates to commercial vehicle fleet owners.  Call us today on 01422 833399.

Why Sowerby Bridge Independent auto Services?

Time Served Mechanics


Our mechanics have more than 60 years combined experience in servicing and repairing cars and vans. 

Convenient Location


Just minutes walk from Sowerby Train Station, why not drop off your car before work, hop on a train and collect it on your way home

Guaranteed Work


We only use quality parts, so much so that we provide a 12 month guarantee on work undertaken by ourselves.